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.m., and this spa at 9:01. the men's car was spotted by san jose police officers who gave chase. one officer was hot and wounded after suspects shot at the marked police car which stopped behind the suspects. police returned expire caught up with one of the two suspects. they justified him as 20-year-old jonathan wilbanks of san jose who had been wounded by police. the other suspect is still being sought. >> we spoke to a young man who was in the car where the other man was shot to death. he says all he remembers is a masked men with a gun. he did not want to appear on camera. the officer was treated and released. and the police are offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of the other suspect. >> ama: the man shot to death last night in menlo park has been identified. 42-year-old carey kudlip was found inside his car last night. police are searching for two people seen running away from the scene. one ran north and the other ran west. the investigation is ongoing. >>> san francisco fire crews are still on scene of a two-alarm blaze in the outer richmond district. firefighters were called to the ar
will continue. >> san jose police on the scene of what may be another gang related shooting that happened in a residential part of mclaughlin avenue. we believe zblirs are not life threatening. san jose police and mayor are teeming up to get a criminal off the streets. he just put $10,000 into a0co reward fund to help catch a murderer. the car jacking took place on friday. that is where abc 7 news is live tonight. >> right. and behind me, you can see a growing memorial for the victim of friday's violent crime spree. the reward aimed at finding one suspect is also growing. it's now doubled to $20,000. >> we're very concerned, which is why we're here. >> police officers and san jose mayor hope a $20,000 reward fund will help get a criminal off the street. the 26-year-old is in custody. this is a sketch of a second wanted man. the hispanic, or african american, five 10 to six feet tall.ánz >> we know people know the suspects and that someone has information about this. and we need cooperation. >> the plea avenue a deadly crime spree friday night that included a attempted car jacking. a str
but the school district understandably proud of their dedicated bus driver. san jose firefighters also deserve a really big hand tonight. they got that heavy motorized wheelchair off of the bus, they man wrathed to save it from the same fate that the bus suffered. so that is being cleaned up. and will be returned to the family. a scary situation but a happy ending tonight in san jose, abc 7 news. >> happy ending and very, very brave. thank you very much. >> milpitas police looking for a gunman from a traffic stop shootout today. just before 2:00 in the morning, officers pulled over a driver on jack lynn road. the officer was not hit. >> driver of the suspect vehicle exited and immediately opened fire on our office sers. -- officers. our officer able to return fire, it's unknown if the suspect was struck. the suspect fled.> and our officer suffered minor injury that's did not require medical attention. >> police say the driver abandoned his vehicle nearby. the officer is a six year veteran of the police force. he is on routine leave while shooting investigation continues. and in san jose tonigh
jose. right now, temperatures inching downward a bit. 68 in antioch, 69 in san francisco. 74 in san rafael. 66 half moon bay and san jose, 71. so, folks, here's what you can expect how to much of this work week. clear tonight. maybe just a little bit of coastal cloudiness here and there. otherwise, record highs expected the next few days. enjoy. 70s and 80s, because as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday, cooler and the rain will return. >>> here is the setup. i want to show you this. you can get a sense of the high building to the north. just kicks the storm track conclude this where is the jet stream is, well to the north. so all the rain will stay to the north of us until about wednesday night, this, and that's when this high will start to break down, and that will allow the clouds clouds to movet at least from now until then, this high is in place, it brings us those warm offshore winds, and that's definitely going to translate to near record highs, even some record highs for parts of the bay area for your monday and tuesday. santa rosa, forecasting 88 for your high tomorro
four years ago. >> in san jose a store owner stopped an armed robber ask a bold way. police say she's lucky things turned out the way they did. wayne? >> there are two would be armed robbers and more brazen moves about a woman running that store behind us. it's a standoff that could have ended in tragedy that didn't. here is the police spokesman. >> they made demands for items within the store. >> two gunman entered the store this morning, and pounded on the counter expecting to make off with watches and jewelry who found a pistol leveled at them instead. this store owner didn't hit hundred. suspects ran outside to make their escape. police admit she had a constitutional rit to protect property but watch she'd held back. >> we don't recommend it. again, they were after material item that's can be replaced and again, our theer is that someone would have gotten hurt, injured and possibly died. >> owners would not, were not anxious to appear ons21ñ camera today. they did tell me there was video surveillance capturing everything. police indicate they now haven' tapes. they're hoping t
. definitely frost there concord, 35. antioch, san jose, this morning, 38. as the clouds move in, it will insulate us tonight, so temperatures for tomorrow morning, not as cold. going to be chilly. 35 for santa rosa. 41, san rafael. the clouds near san francisco, 48 degrees overnight. interior east bay. 41 for concord. san jose, 38 last night. tomorrow morning, 45. right now we are at 46 degrees in napa. 53 in san francisco. 50 los gatos, 50 in livermore and antioch. the forecast, not as cold torch because of the cloudings moving in. a warmer day monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and then showers for the entire bay area will return to our forecast heading into thursday, friday, and looks like a pretty wet system will move in for a week ahead. just sunday and monday. high pressure builds in tomorrow, so warmer day. we will keep clouds overhead as this cold front is very close to the north bay. some hazy sunshine for your monday. let me show you the forecast. this is monday. 7:00 a.m. much of the rain band -- this is the front kind of falling apart. stays north to the golden gate bri
measure d. it passed overwhelmingly raising minimum wage to $10 an hour from $8. workers have san jose state students to thank. >> san swros yeah becoming the second i in the state to set its own minimum wage. this is where it started n january a group of sociology students laumpbled the idea of increasing the city minimum wage from 8ss today $10 an hour. >> it wasn't easy. we work and play by rules and should get fair wage we deserve. that is what people in the community need. that is what we did. >> the silicon valley chamber of commerce fought to defeat measure d claiming it would result in thousands of job losses. 4th street pizza company has two dozen employees. owners say they will have to increase adjustments.. >> we'll have to consider price increases but they'll be small. >> san jose mayor says voter approved initiative will have consequences on the city's tight budget. >> the city is required to set up an auditing function to make sure people follow the law. >> many voters tell us they agree with students, raising minimum wage in a high cost of living area is the right thing
. close to average in other locations except san jose. only 63% of normal. it's early in the season. there is more rain still to come wevyñ Ñ hope that will brig south bay up to normal levels. temperatures 56 degrees in san francisco. 61 across the bay. mid to upper 50s in other locations, these are the forecast features, clear and chilly conditions overnight, patches of fog developing and it will be sunny, mild thanksgiving day, tomorrow, satellite shows the passage of the frontal system brought us rain last couple days, high pressure building in behind it.9pp' dry pattern throughout the week. a mild one, temperatures up around 70 degrees over the next couple afternoons. tonight as you follow time line, you'll see fog developing. and that fog will expand this weekend through the delta. so some inland valleys can see fog developing over the next three overnight periods. we've got a nice night coming our way. we've got patches of fog sh low temperatures on the low 40s in the north bay valleys. then, tomorrow, thanksgiving day, mild conditions and maybe cooler with pleasant by afte
policy changes with regard to+9ñúñ issued credit cad use in the wake of this scandal. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> 49ers head coach is back at the doctor's tonight. the team announced he is undergoing a follow up evaluation with a procedure received on thursday to correct an irregular heartbeat. this came as a bit of a surprise made just minutes after harbaugh was scheduled to anounts victory over the bears. the team gave no indication there is a concern with the health. we'll stay on top of it. in the meantime, the tedford era is over. cal fired the most successful football coach in the team's history. >> this comes at a coast. >> this is a difficult day. he took the program from the bottom up to the bop 10 but couldn't stop the slide back down. after 11 years, his run in cal is over. he brought the football program back to life in berkeley. bu/rbñ he went three and nine this year. and getting blown out regularly. there was a growing sense that tedford could not do what he did a decade ago that. is make cal great again that. is what the graduation rate around 48% meant change was inevid
of 32 yards down. big bone game marched today when san jose high lineman suffered a neck injury. he did have movement.<23z another big crowd filled stands for this thanksgiving day tradition. san jose came in undefeated but the game belonged to lincoln. christopher or the yez takes a hand off. he's off to /[÷ races a 66 yard score. and 89th nl turkey day game lincoln jumps out early. he will go all the way. misled and mustangs score. lincoln with a one point lead. bear was a last chance. so let the celebration begin. >> go along with the main dish of football, we serve up college basketball. matthew delavdova scored 16 in each half. stanford taking on missouri in the bahamas. he gets the lefty to drop. tigers up by four. missouri holds on and cardinals close to three and two. this sports report brought to you tonight by mercedes-benz. >> my goodness. >> he did the same thing last thanksgiving, too. >> you said there wasn't a penalty but he will be fine. >> he's going to be fine. >> join me tonight at 9:00, we'll findzaidñ out what highin activities discover that could turn the tide on
in san jose, he's known for his best selling book set in afghanistan "the kite runner" and thousands splendid sons. he spends freelug; time raising money to build shelters and provide educational opportunities and health care for women and children. the need is overwhelming after a po years of war. >> people are left homeless without jobs and food, access to clean water, education, health care. >> some resort to living thr ground to stay alive. >> there would be from 15-25 people living in the holes (@ as a quote, unquote, window. living there for two,dp three, three and a half months. winter in afghanistan is brutal. and freezing temperatures. and routes yeenly i would go about the sick, elderly and children they'reht%5 losing duo the cold thchl is one reason why the shelters that cost $2,000 for a family of six or seven people. it can be a life saving structure autos family gyni a kit and build the shelters themselves. window frames doors and beam autos so far the foundation raised enough money to build nearly 400 shelters to house 2300 people. his wife is helping afghan women w
are traveling this is going to be rough one. down to san jose area, not much showing up. here look at the next storm. it's a very large circulation and it's going to spell potential trouble. rain is still pretty steady across the north bay, heaviest gets in at 4:00 a.m. oranges and yellows indicating the north bay gets clobbered with rain. it becomes more intense and widespread at 6 a.m. 10:00 a.m. the front is still going through. strong gusty winds and noontime it finally starts to wind down, but only for storm number three to arrive. rainfall totals look significant. i'll be back with a look at those plus a look at all the advisories and watches that are going up. >> dan: the storms will be adding some already impressive rainfall totals for the bay area. santa rosa has recorded more than 7 inches of rain. that is 101% of normal. san francisco doing well, with four and a half inches of rain. san jose is lag ago bit behind at 1.6 inches. let's head outside to laura anthony to see how people in petaluma are getting ready. >> it's raining very lightly here at the moment. as the next cells move
without getting your bat wings wet the best chance is in the south bay near san jose report inland east areas because we will all get soaked by the rain before the evening is over. >>> against the back drop of today's celebration four giants revelers were hauled into court. accused of taking part in sunday night's post game riots and late the today police released this video from that night hoping it will help identify others. it shows the muni bus arson. person in front appears to say don't do that it's not cool. several more people add to the fire. the police chief says they will prosecute any one identified to the fullest extent of the law and the city plans to pursue repayment for the destroyed bus. >> one of the guys that tried to stop the vandalism got hurt in the process. he was a guest honor at the celebration today for the giants. vic lee with a couple of good samaritans on sunday night. >> reporter: you talk about heros. we have a story for you tonight about one of them. a man who chose to do the right thing on sunday night but he risked a lot for it. >> there was tall chaos g
is that they'll all end up in college. the chancellor travels to lincoln high in san jose to talk to students about the importance of an education. first, addressing seniors.. >> people will put obstacles in your way. >> the chancellor highlighted there are resources. a family making less than tuition. in 2013 undocumented students on1,"e path to citizenship will be eligible for financial aid. and for those who don't get into cal their freshman year, he reminded them to keep pushing. >> we take in 5,000 students directly out of high school and more than 2000 transfering from community colleges so people who don'té%jú9 make it ft time have a second shot he and other uc leaders made it a point to visit high schools throughout the state. >> i know that if i don't get into cal i'm going to get into another university and brighten my future. >> you can do anything with the right education. knowing that income is not a problem. it really is motivational to anyone. >> he promises financial opportunities for many students, he worries about the uc ses tim and the many cuts sacramento has made. >> w
high temperatures among those gilroy, san jose and moffett field, temperatures into and if you look nationwide you can see a storm developing and a nor easter. wednesday or thursday, high waves and gusty winds. heavy rainfall. so we'll an eye on the storm for you. here is the accu-weather forecast. fourther cooling with showers likely. frosty mornings, temperatures drop. >> yes. >> prepare for that, too. >> thanks, spencer. >> construction crews did heavy lifting today at the site of the 49ers new stadium. sky 7 hd was above. workers moved chunks of concrete. this is no easy task. about 60% of the stadium steel has been installed. outside structures expected to be finished next month. >> dusty the klepto kitty is back. do you remember him? tonight at 11:00 right after castle find out what he's up to now. >> he's on the move. >> he's looking. >> vic lee reports on technology helping owners uncover this latest >>> hope you can join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, handicapping presidential race. how giants win could be a clue about who will win tomorrow. >> then at 11:00 we're trac
the best car. >> tesla is not wasting time. it's due out in time for 2014 model year. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> the popularity of election car may depend on the price of gasoline. triple a shows california gas prices haveyo"g fallen 82 centsn the past month. and the bay area dropped only 69 cents on average. >> if you voted by mail in the election last week, there is a chance your vote may not>uvb hae counted. >> the balance that will >>> u.s. supreme court may decide whether to put california ban on same-sex marriage on its calendar. according to the american foundation for equal rights justices will meet to discuss whether to settle the dispute over prop 8 and if they should take up the federal defense of marriage act. both say only men and women can legallylngdd get married. the decision would likely be announced the following monday fchl the answer is no it would mean same-sex marriages could resume in california immediately. >> if you voted by mail in the presidential election, are you sure your vote was counted? there are thousands of ballot that's were not counted and never will
around. san jose state football team having a terrific season. his nickname is never, as in never fails. spartans and 2 saturday night. mike shumann decided he needed to see what the kid can do firsthand. that is speed for shu right now. >> you seem cool and calm. where does that come from? >> i don't know. so this is started. >> i told shu... >> if you're going to bring up montana the guy has got to be special..yay >> sure, thanks larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. 7 news. >> from all of us here this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here is our first group of semifinalis a high-school social-studies teacher from tacoma, washington... ...a 3rd-grade teacher ts -- from new york, new york... ...and a high-school chemistry teacher from charlottesville, virginia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, everyone. it's the middle of the week, but it's also the first of our three semifinal games. these are sudden-victory games. only the winner gets to come back to play on monday and tue
are in dire need this thanksgiving. they're very short of turkeys. >> the situation in san jose being echoed across the bay area, sake kret hard provides food with a turkey and thousands will not get there this year unless more donations are received. they begin handing out holiday boxes on monday. >> still to come escalating violence we're going to show some of the military action that could lead to war in israel. >> and following up on the new gaming system here for the holidays. >>> there is a late development in the case of an east bay man beaten to death about i a trespasser while he waited for police. the family is suing for wrongful death, personal injury. an intruder attacked with a large power -- flower pot. he called police and they did not initially respond because they were monitoring a protest. ju >>> two dozen workers are in oakland waiting to findaÑñf out whether they will have jobs this time, next week. union peb members striking against hostess, the plant makes bred and also a distribution center for hostess. they're asking workers to take a pay cut and a cut if benefits,
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